Mar 19, 2012

League of Makers

Last weekend, Mr.12 and I tagged along to an afternoon meetup of (said in a loud barritone) "The League of Makers" to see what exactly The League of Makers does. Turns out they are a friendly bunch of guys (mostly) who dabble in the realm of digital fabrication. One of the Makers has designed a lazer cutter that he is building from scratch, by himself. It looked seriously hard. Another guy showed us the amazingly complex mini lathe he made by printing the parts on a MakerBot 3D printer. And there was an official talk (complete with power point) about the future of Makers in Wellington and how they are working towards creating a shared workspace that is completely open for anyone to use. Amazing. Mr. 12 and I also got to see the Maker Bot in action which always blows my mind. Mr. 12 is a changed man after seeing it print out actual objects and he has already put in a request to get one for home. Can't blame a man for trying. Then after hours of internet "research" Mr. 12 discovered the brand spanking new MakerBot Replicator

I came away from the afternoon really inspired to see kids creating with this technology and getting their hands dirty building, destroying and making. Plans are shaping up with my Maker pals Rich Decibels and Richard Fortune (aka "The Riches") to create a fun kids class like this making little robots with basic electric circuits, motors, LED lights and some digital fabrication tools like the MakerBot. Looks like we may even have something going for April school holidays so if you know a keen kiddo age 9-12, watch this space!

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  1. Thanks for coming along Hadley & Mr. 12! It is quite pleasing to hear you are both so excited as a result of the event. Firstly I'm afraid I'll be a pedant and clarify just one wee detail. The LOIC( low orbit ion canon) builder Craig hasn't designed the laser cutter himself, it is an open source design that he has "improved" upon. He has however added his own flourishes to the device and used his own 3d printed models to improve the end result.

    FYI - the League of makers is just one part of the overall "ecosystem" of makers that is starting to further develop here in Wellington and in a wider NZ. I reckon this topic requires a blog post of it's own at some stage, suffice to say - the maker scene for adults and children in NZ is about to really take off. This is a fantastic time to be a maker, interested in making or just looking for an exciting new hobby! :)

    With regards to a maker academy, I'm really excited we can work together on this. It's going to be amazing!